Chief Financial Officer

To meet your need Top Intel Management Consultants offer customized outsourced CFO services. Diverse CFO services includes interim, part- time, project or transaction based services helps you to choose in account of your firm position and needs. Well categorized services in relationship management , strategic planning , financial process embraces financial reporting, key performance indicators [KPI], forecasting, budgeting, tax planning and some other services are provided to boost your accounting and financial process.

When you need Chief Financial Officer?

  • During rapid growth
  • To develop new products, markets, or offerings
  • For Merge & Acquisition, outside investors or debt facilitation
  • When profitability is not at a desirable level, and you don’t know why
  • As tax planning has become complex
  • To have a financial model that represents your strategy
  • Need for a business partner, to develop and execute strategy; provide leadership and oversight
  • Need for visibility, of future cash flows
  • A desire to better understand your margins
  • You lack detailed financial data that is critical to making sound business decisions.

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