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Top Intel Management Consultants, Audit is conducted to make a transparent record of finance and business process. This is achieved by an expert auditor’s opinion on financial statements and state of finance in business. Based on audit performed, TIMC auditors will express an opinion on concluded financial statements. We conducted our audit in accordance with International Standards on Auditing. Top Intel Management Consultants team of auditing always carried out with pre-planned choice of techniques and strategies to implement while financial statements are prepared. Assurance given to the stakeholders and investors, that financial statement are free from material misstatement.


Audit is fundamentally concerned with evaluating an organization’s management of risk. TIMC will conduct systematic audit process, audit evidences are achieved to determine the extent to which audit standards are fulfilled. Audit evidence includes amounts and disclosures in the financial statements. Auditing procedures depend on the auditor’s judgment, to obtain evidence of each financial transaction including the disclosure of fraud or error.

Management Assurance

Management Assurance can conduct varies tracking activities throughout the year which includes fine-tuning of follow-up procedures and reporting, identification of risks related to financial deeds. Examination and reporting of the effectiveness related to the implemented functions.

Top Intel Management Consultants flow of Management Assurance like

(a) Three party relationship which involves an auditor, a client, and users of financial statements;

(b) A suitable subject matters; in-depth analysis in cases, where the users of financial statements needs assurance.

(c) Appropriate standard flowed.

(d) Developing related evidences and

(e) Underlying reasonable assurance engagement or a limited assurance engagement a written assurance report in generated.

Top Intel Management Consultants Audit and Management assurance Services

Various Audit and Management Assurance Top Intel Management Consultants is performing

  • External Audit
  • Internal Audit
  • Internal Audit – DFSA requirements
  • Business process (practice) Assessment
  • Due diligence
  • Forensic and other Investigations