Feel the fresh experience in Management Consultation

Top Intel Management Consultants, special management practitioners not only direct you but also become a part of your operations by developing various strategies which helps in building an effective organization, providing financial and operational management suggestions. By developing standard process, clients can solve issues, create value, maximize growth and improve business process.

Our Management Consultants provides innovative guidance on Working Capital Management, risk analysis of investments, revival of sick business units, and implementation of cost reduction policies which can transform any business.

Responsibilities of a Consultant

As a management consultant, it is our responsibility:

  • Analysis and collect data  to understand the business process
  • Conduct detailed research
  • Enquire various business people like employees, management team and other stakeholders
  • Provide suggestions and solutions for identified issues
  • Recommendation of business solution on time regarding finance and investments.

Experts liaise with client to make relevant decisions for progress.

TIMC Management Consultants Services

Top Intel Management Consultants brings you preference based business management solutions. TIMC specialized in

  • Feasibility studies in business process.
  • Financial Model Validation.
  • Financial management consultation.
  • Operation management consultation.
  • Internal & External financial re-construction.
  • Fund management.
  • Guidance on Working Capital Management.
  • Risk Analysis of Investments.
  • Revival of Sick Business Units.
  • Implementation of Cost Reduction Policies.